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Rocky Mountain Hydrostatics Remanufactures Denison Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

It's what we do. It's what we're good at.

The table below shows the difference between what RMH does, and what other companies do. The difference is like night and day.

  • The product meets or exceeds NEW manufacturer published catalog performance specifications.
  • During remanufacturing, all manufacturer design improvements are incorporated into the product.
  • The product carries a warranty comparable to a NEW product. The length of the warranty does NOT define the quality of the product - the materials, workmanship, and business ethics of the company do!
  • Re-work of parts during the manufacturing process is allowed, but NEW production tolerances and dimensions are adhered to. Rework of parts into the “rework limits” published by many manufacturers service manuals is NOT allowed.
  • The product meets “rebuilt” test and performance standards.
  • Incorporation of any manufacturer design improvements are at the discretion of the company doing the repair.
  • The warranty offered by most companies is NOT comparable to a NEW warranty, even if the warranty period is LONGER.  Typically, the longer the warranty, the lower the quality, as long warranties tend to be used as sales/marketing tools.
  • Re-work of parts is commonly accepted, as long as the unit passes the lower “rebuilt” standards.