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Rocky Mountain Hydrostatics has been supplying remanufactured EHC pumps to the power generation industry for over 25 years. We specialize in Denison pumps, mainly the PV09 model for the GE steam turbine market and the PXX1223 model for the Frame-7B multi-fuel market, but we have the experience in servicing ALL EHC pumps, from the Classic Vickers (PV2032 and PV2050 are examples) all the way to the LARGE PVA-120. We also service the Westinghouse vane pumps (pressure unloading cycling systems), and pumps from the alternate “Vertical Pump Upgrades).

RMH does not purchase aftermarket parts. This includes parts made in Canada, which seems to be the most prevalent supplier of parts for these pumps. We have seen these parts in pump core returns many times. We have tested some of these parts for proper metallurgy, heat-treat hardness, and dimensional tolerances. What we have found could be defined as alarming….pistons made of the wrong alloy, slipper shoes with improper dimensions (resulting in incorrect hydrostatic balance), slipper shoes made of the wrong bronze, and cylinder block sleeves bored to the wrong bore-circle dimension.

How does RMH know all of this? Because we have OEM data to use as a baseline for comparison!

  • Technical Information for GE Steam Turbine EHC pumps is HERE.
  • Technical Information for GE Frame-7b Fuel pumps is HERE.
  • Complete Denison Model code / GE Part Number Cross Reference is HERE.

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