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Remanufactured Piston Pumps for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

RMH is the world’s leading supplier of Denison hydrostatic pumps and motors to the offshore pipe-laying and construction industry. RMH remains the preferred supplier of remanufactured Denison pumps and motors to most of the world’s S-Lay and J-Lay pipe-laying barges, and is rapidly becoming the go-to company for other Denison products in the offshore oil & gas industry.

Other Offshore Oil & Gas Applications
  • Mud pump drives
  • Top drives
  • Rotary-table drives
  • Draw-works drives
  • Jack-up systems
  • and a multitude of other applications
Why use Rocky Mountain Hydrostatics for Offshore Oil & Gas?
  • RMH has many years experience with the largest lay-barge operators in the world.
    We probably know what you need before you call us. We keep a database of every barge with Western-Gear “Pipemaster” tension machines in the world, and what major jobs and markets they work. We can pre-position pumps and motors in anticipation of problems, or for use during an unexpected maintenance availability.
  • Improved design of an already reliable product line.
    RMH has more knowledge of this specific application and product than anyone else in the world, and has taken this knowledge and improved the original product with design enhancements to meet real-world challenges in terms of life-cycle operation and maintenance cost reduction.
  • Thorough understanding of the physics of S-Lay and J-Lay methods of offshore pipeline construction.
    This results in a better understanding of the hydraulic systems used, and the most knowledgeable team of troubleshooting available. This also applies to motion compensating and riser-tensioner equipment.
  • Economic value.
    RMH can custom tailor a pump or motor exchange program that meets your barge availability schedule AND your maintenance budget. The product arrives where you want it, when you want it. Less downtime means more budget dollars saved and incentive bonus dollars achieved.
  • RMH’s inventory is BIG.
    We are NOT pushed for core returns…because we know barges are usually in places where transportation logistics are not usually reliable, and can be very expensive if air-freight is used. We usually rely on 60 day turnaround, and 90 days is not un-common.
  • RMH’s inventory is DIVERSE.
    We can ship almost ANY piston pump/motor Denison has EVER manufactured in under 48 hours.