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Denison Remanufactured Piston Pumps for Mining Equipment

Whether it is open-pit mining, underground selective mining, or long-wall coal mining, Rocky Mountain Hydrostatics is prepared to supply replacement Denison piston pumps and motors to keep you moving ore and dirt…24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you are not moving dirt and making money, RMH has failed. Here are a few reasons to have your pumps and motors serviced by RMH:

  • Our product knowledge is un-matched.
    Whether you have a little Driltech D25KS or an Atlas-Copco DM-25…all the way up to the monster Driltech 1190E or Atlas-Copco Pit-Viper 351, we have the product knowledge to ensure you get the right pump, built to the highest quality, to keep your rigs running.
  • We have the largest cross-reference data-base.
    We can find information and details on ALL Denison products used on most drills.
  • We have name brand parts specific to the mining industry.
    Sandvik-Driltech and Atlas-Copco are only two of the many drill name-brands we supply pumps and motors for. We also support P&H, Robbins Drill, Terex-Reedrill, Lang Drilling, Boart-Longyear, and many others.
  • We also support belt tensioner and apron feeder drives…Hagglunds Drives.
    Check out our Hagglunds Drives page.

In this market, RMH has to compete with lower cost rebuilders. This means RMH sometimes loses the quoted job to a competitor who quoted a lower cost. But, RMH will NEVER be beat on quality.

But, RMH will NEVER be beat on quality.

So if you want that drill to keep making holes for a LONG time, contact us today. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your decision to purchase the higher quality product from RMH.