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Need a Denison Gold Cup pump for your Hagglunds system?

RMH has been successfully supplying Gold Cup “special” pumps to customers with Hagglunds Drive systems for many years. RMH has this ability due to its extensive database of Bill-Of-Materials lists, and many other sources of information. From the P6S up to the monster P30S, RMH keeps many of the more common pumps IN STOCK for Hagglunds Drives systems, and are available for immediate shipment.

Each pump is tested to full flow AND pressure simultaneously (corner horsepower) to ensure our pumps meet or exceed the required Hagglunds performance specifications, and is then adjusted to the specific Hagglunds setup-criteria.

Below is a list of the most common versions of Denison Gold Cup pumps used on Hagglunds Drive Systems. But note, this is only a TINY sample of the entire list. Click on the link of the pump size that you need assistance, and you will be directed to a page with ALL variations of that size of pump.

P6S 7R1C 9A2 B00 0A1 M2 80751

P7S 7R1C 9A2 B00 0A1 M2 82872

P11S 7R1C 9A2 B00 0A1 M2 08037

P14S 7R1C 9A2 B00 0A1 M2 08040

P24S 7R1E 9A2 B00 2B1 M2 08043

P30S 7R1E 9A2 B00 2B1 M2 08046

RMH STOCKS the above model numbers for immediate shipment, and can build virtually any version within a day from our vast inventory of semi-completed pumps.